Okay - well you can always bounce ideas off of me! I’m glad you liked my choice, heh.

I shall, I shall! And yes, I’m very excited to see how yours turns out. ;)

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There was actually this stage makeup class I was wanting to get into, but it was full when I tried to register for it. Maybe there’s a spot in it now… maybe I’ll check. :) And yeah, okay… as long as we still have time for us every day and with our friends together and stuff, then… I don’t see why we can’t at least try it out. If we think we end up wanting a couple more together again, we can always do a bit more next semester, but I think this’ll be fun. :)

Exactly. It’s easily fixable. And I think we can handle it. I’m glad you agree. :)

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kurtstateofmind asked: I was serious about offering to make your costume too! Once you figure out what you want to be, and if you'd want me too. :)

I know you are! I think I’ll take you up on it, I just have to figure out what I want to be. :P

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I think… you might be on to something there. I mean, as much as part of me wishes I could spend all day every day with you, I also know that wouldn’t be healthy. And I did really love getting to hear about your night. We could come home and do that every day! I think I’d still like one or two classes with you, but I think having different schedules sounds okay. I just hope there’s time to change them? And we’d still do stuff with all our friends together, right?

I think we’ve got some time. There’s always an add/drop period the first week of school, we’ll just have to rework some things around and make sure they coincide with our work schedules as well. There are a few classes I really wanted to look into this semester anyway that I was considering switching to. :)

And of course we would! I’m not saying we need to spend all of our time apart, just that a little separation might be good and healthy for us. Absence makes the heart grow fonder, and all that jazz. ;)

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Like… your cast and my squad. But even more than that?

Yeah, like that. It just might be a good idea to have people we feel like we can hang out with and go to in case we want some separation. Nothing serious! Just different friends. I think it’ll be a really good thing.

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I would be okay with that, I suppose. Not seeing you in classes would be kind of weird though. Do you really think we’ll get closer by being around each other… less?

I think it would, honestly. I mean, we both said how much we loved getting to share with each other, you know? And sure, we have our friends and we hang out, but it’s always with each other. And we always seem to gravitate towards the other rather than just spending time with them. It might not be a bad idea to make some new friends that we don’t share, you know?

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Okay, okay, okay. Okay, whew. So… classes?

Classes, yes. Maybe just taking a few more without the other in it, so that we can branch out and meet new people?

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Oh god, okay. Okay, that’s way better. Give me a second for my heart to stop pounding.

I have absolutely no plans of moving out anytime soon, trust me. I can’t even imagine living without you now.

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Uhh, how… how much separation are we talking here? You don’t want to like… move out or anything, do you?

No, oh my god! No, honey, absolutely not. I love coming home to you every day.

I was just thinking that maybe…we should take some classes without each other? I mean, I love seeing you during the day and everything, but we were both so happy to share last night. It’s just something to think about. :)

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kurtstateofmind asked: I'm glad you had such a good time last night. I really liked just sort of... curling up in bed together and hearing about your night. It was really nice, actually. :)

Me too. I really loved getting to talk about it all, actually. And I had a lot of fun! I think that was really good for us.

In fact, I think…some more separation might not be such a bad thing for us, you know?

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