I do really, really want to see them. I just meant… do you think we can manage it?

I think so. It’ll be worth it, too. I know how much you miss your dad.

1 notes   April 23rd 2014

Do you… think we can?

Yeah! You’ve got almost a month until you have to go to Paris, so why not  take a few days to go back home and get some things? Plus, it would give you the chance to see your dad and Carole and Finn before leaving. :)

1 notes   April 23rd 2014

Oh, good point. Most of my warmer weather shoes are back home. I was wondering why I didn’t have anything here really! I guess I just forgot. It feels like ages since we were in Ohio.

Let’s go back for a long weekend, once exams are done. :)

1 notes   April 23rd 2014

I do need to buy some spring shoes soon though. Probably at least 70% of my shoes are boots. Sigh.

Do you not have anything back home?

1 notes   April 23rd 2014

I think boat shoes are more your style, as comfortable as I might find them. :)

Awwww, okay. Fair enough!

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Love love love those shoes. Why aren’t we the same size?

I’m glad you like them! I do, too. And I don’t knoooowww. I’m sorry. You can get some of your own, if you want!

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Stripes Galore by backtoblaine on Polyvore
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Shorts Weather! by backtoblaine featuring wide sunglasses

It’s finally Spring! And to celebrate, Kurt and I spending the afternoon on a picnic in Central Park. This has been a wonderful day so far.

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Or, like… ever. That would be good too. I want to keep you.

I want to be kept!!

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Just… maybe not right this second.

I won’t, I won’t. :)

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